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Whistlers of the unsung, The Doughnut is a magazine for both music lovers and artists.

Mainstream media is all fine and well, but our first priority is independent music and closing the gap between fans and the 21st century musician.

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If you’re looking for new and exciting sounds then you are in good company.

The beauty of the age we all live in is that the abundance of choice, and while the greater music industry struggles, the agile independent artist finally has a voice.

Our Discover section provides brief profiles of up and coming talent in an easy to browse format, while the traditional album, EP, single and live reviews cover the music in a bit more detail.

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Production and Promotion Tutorials

Supporting independent artists is very important to us, it’s pretty much the reason we exist. From the studio to social media, we aim to solve problems and make life easier for music producers and music promoters.

Contribute To The Doughnut

As The Doughnut magazine grows (or the the Donut Magazine, if you want to be transatlantic about it), we’re looking for new writers and other contributors.

We have space available for writers of all kinds. If you’re interested in writing reviews, interviewing bands, putting together technical tutorials and so on, we may just have a spot for you.

We’re also on the lookout for photographers, film makers, illustrators and web developers. If you’d like to be part of something great, get in touch with us today.