Smokey Joe & The Kid – The Grand EP Teaser

on , modified 11 Mar, 2016

Smokey Joe & The Kid – The Grand EP Teaser

A little while ago we posted a tour video of Smokey Joe and The Kid in the USA, and I got pretty jealous of all the fun they were having, but that’s besides the point…

The hip-hop-loving wiseguy swingsters from Bordeaux are literally days away from launching their new EP, titled The Grand. I’ve given it a few listens from start to finish and it’s jam packed with some great brass hooks, slick rhymes and enough anachronistic sounds to make the hippest cats of musical history purr.

The Grand – New Release Teaser

The upcoming release is made available via Banzaï Lab, (a modest label with some, well, grand sounds), and features collaborations from Canadians Waahli & Tali and Random Recipe, as well as Hypeman Sage from the UK.

It seems the trail Smokey Joe & The Kid left behind them in North America is following them online as the EP teaser has had already accrued thousands of plays in only a few days. Look out for these two and get the moonshine ready for a party, with more tours planned they’re likely to be invading your turf soon.

Banzaï Lab

Be sure to check out Banzaï Lab for more information on Smokey Joe, as well as other emerging sounds from all over the world.

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