Arêtes – Gods

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Rating: 8 / 10

Arêtes - Gods (EP debut)

The fact that I, an adult, can watch any episode of The Simpsons instantly is something the child in me wants to do every bed time – but like most things I never tire of, it’s not healthy, so I try and curb it. Instead, I either read or lie in silence while passively composing or listening to one single album.

Something like norse-folk band Wardruna or some sombre Chet Baker, but no more than one album and nothing too engaging.

The Debut EP from Arêtes – Gods

I only heard it for the first time just this afternoon, but this beautiful debut EP by Arêtes has me. I’m completely sold on the music and I’d gladly listen to more of it. I know nothing about the musicians, or very little anyway…

On their website, this seven piece from both Belfast and London describe the sound as “dream-punk folktronica”. But if I had to amend that unique classification (for the sake of it), I’d say ‘undulating sleep-folk’.

Gods bounces in pace like a dream that needs conflict to be remembered and tucks me into an unreal world that feels comfortable and familiar, all while tugging at my imagination and keeping me interested.

“Memories of fabulous melodies. Memories of great shows. Memories of lovely girls”. – Arêtes

In case you haven’t figured it out: I think this recording is terrific, and – as an insomniac who needs just the right kind of stimulation – I will be listening to this album when I go to bed tonight.

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