Nameless Coyote – Devoured by the Swirling Night

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Rating: 7 / 10

Nameless Coyote - Devoured by the Swirling Night

An anonymous one man project from San Francisco, Nameless Coyote stitches blast beats and guttural vocals into swirling sounds – invoking more calm than krieg.

One measure black metal to equal parts shoegaze and post rock, it’s not a new formula, but there is a lot of influence and planning from the cave behind the waterfall of noise. Only three tracks and under 20 minutes in length, it paints a rather large world beyond it’s reverberated base colours.

Devoured by the Swirling Night

  • ‘Tastes Like Snow’ is a multi-passaged walk-through of whats about to unfold; atmospherics stretched out as a canvas for some warm colors and cold-hearted percussion.
  • ‘Untitled’ is pretty much shoegaze all the way down, but with an added aura of grunge to it.
  • The title and final track, ‘Devoured by the Swirling Night’ is as the EP; interesting, intense and fun to explore, but certainly not for everyone.

The lyrical content deals with nature, loneliness and existence. So, its without the Satanic overtones, but not leaving out the bleak philosophical murmurings usually associated with the black metal influence. Or the shoegaze influence, for that matter.

“What came from the sea, has returned to the sea,
even if you were to look you would never find me”

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Listen To The Nameless Coyote EP

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