Electric Youth Revolt – ‘Temper’s Getting Shorter’

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Rating: 6.5 / 10

Punk: Electric Youth Revolt Review

I was looking for some metal to review as I’ve been neglecting my duties to the darker arts of late, and finding some unknown material is usually pretty easy, but I didn’t have anything queued up.

Like many before me, I spent my teens in search of as much punk as I could find, listening to the same few tracks from UK and US bands like The Jam and Dead Kennedys over and over. That, and clinging to the punk motifs in contemporary artists (of the nineties, that is) who were influenced by the first explosion, post-punk and new wave acts.

What I Like About E.Y.R

Let’s just get thing one thing straight; this band in no way brings anything new to the table that wasn’t already there when we came to the restaurant (sorry, I’m getting hungry). That’s not to say they’re unoriginal or boring, it’s just punk rock (or more garage rock, at times). And after the afternoon I had looking for some metal I’d never heard before, I’m just pleased they’re not a new-school punk band.

It’s okay, not all music needs to have more layers than a double-decker lasagna made by Rick Wakeman (dammit).

Punk: Electric Youth Revolt Review

A lot of their stuff sounds like it could have been recorded on tape, and while I’m no analog purist, it does quite fit the overall style. It’s not decidedly lo-fi or oddly produced, it’s just reminiscent of its influences. The guitars aren’t clean, but they aren’t loaded with effects either. It’s more where they sit in the mix than how much fuzz is loaded overhead.

Football mad, full of spark and younger than the progeny of the punk icons of yesteryear who now sell insurance and butter; possibly the best thing about this band is that they can be measured and reviewed in three words (don’t worry, they’re coming).

Luckily for me, those three words are also form the name of the band: Electric Youth Revolt

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