Reddit for Musicians

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Reddit for Musicians

A Quick Catchup

Reddit is an online community which has really boomed over the past 2 or 3 years. The variety of topics, volumes of resources and colourful use of language make it a great place to find answers, make friends and bounce ideas. Musical ideas, I mean.

Posts are either links to third party sites or ‘self posts’ which are purely conversational. Users vote posts up or down, determining the stories location in the feed and resulting in karma for the contributer (OP) – Karma is meaningless, some say it warps minds. Let’s focus on the content.

Access to the site is free so you don’t have to sign up to browse. To visit any of the forums, simply look for the r/subreddit format in, say,

Subreddits for Musicians


38 575 Subscribers

“A subreddit for professionals in the music industry, as well as amateurs that are interested in music composition, production and theory. Enthusiasts of all levels welcome!”

Their words, man. Their words.


2 554 Subscribers

An off shoot of WATTMM, This Is Our Music is a place for you to showcase your work and get feedback. While it doesn’t have as many subscribers, it does have a enthusiastic base of active members. Plus a song of the week contest voted on by the musicians themselves.

Another opportunity for feedback, r/Songwriters has 2513 subscribers and focuses on song and lyric writing specifically. Remember, always read the sidebar before posting.


1 623 Subscribers

If you’ve hit a creative hurdle, or the one horse in your town doesn’t play bass, then you’re in luck. With Music In The Making you can collaborate with others from all over the world. What an age.

Mix it up a bit and work with other musicians. Who knows, you could find your Art Garfunkel, your Axl, your brother Noel. Imagine…


43 545 Subscribers

While ‘Arr, guitar seems mostly for geeking out and showing off rather than theory or anything as academic, there are some great conversations going on. Nevermind the links. Other places may be more receptive to your questions, or maybe they’re just too much with the memes and lames reposts, but if you’re into your instrument, this is a good general feed if only for the quantity. And to cover a multiple disciplines with a single blow:

  • r/musicprogramming
  • r/synthesizers
  • r/singing
  • r/drums
  • r/bass
  • r/DJs


11 472 Subscribers

For those like me that are a long way from confident mastery, this is ideal. It’s a subreddit which provides a vital mix of links you’d otherwise not find, and an opportunity to ask questions. There are the smaller niches such r/transcribe, r/tabs, and r/learnmusic for more specific topics, though they have smaller readerships.


1 342 Subscribers

Are you more into the mechanics and manufacturing of your instruments than a signature inlay from some bloated rock star who wears sunglasses at night? Right on. Alternatively, are you just broke? Forced to fixed it or building something from scratch, hobbyist or hobo, yep, this DIY gear subreddit’ll cover your needs.

Radio Reddit

Last but not least, Radio Reddit is not a subreddit but rather a streaming station dedicated to playing the music of the hivemind. That’s right, all the music is made by Redditors, all stereo, all the time, online.

They have a few rules; no covers, no remixes and mashups and no uncleared/unlicensed loops and samples. Other than that, it’s only opportunity for discovery as an artists or a music fan! Go get your damn music some airtime!

Reddit for Musicians: A Summation

This is where we sum up the walk we just shared. “Reddit is what you make of it”, is what someone once wrote when responding to some inane bullshit. They could have meant many things, but I think they meant to say that you don’t have to stick around for the stuff about the tusk-ed sea-beast and all that, don’t believe them, it’s an confidence trick they use to disorientate newcomers to steal their jokes.

What do you want to talk about? Reddit is a legitimate form of communication and a great tool for musicians.

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