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Guitar Geek

Obsessing over gear comes naturally to most, so Guitar Geek is possibly more of a place to waste time than to work (I just love it and wanted to mention it). That said, if you have a sound in mind, or are trying to build onto an established tone; look to your idols.

Featuring setups from many of the greats (unfortunately not quite all of them), Guitar Geek is a perfect way to dissect sounds and find inspiration. You can also browse by gear, and now Jerry Garcia…

Guitar Geek - Grateful Dead - Jerry Garcia

Audio Tool

Now that we’re thinking in modules, let’s talk about an in-browser audio tool from Germany.

“Start making music in the cloud”.

The rather generically named Audio Tool lets you arrange intricate loops and patterns using sequencers, generators, synths… it’s built using Flash and is pretty impressive.

Once again, this may be a distraction from the studio but to hell with it. Feed your curiosity. Either create something to jam along to or just go to town on awesome virtual gear in a beautiful studio setting.

Audio Tool - App -

Free Sound and Find Sounds

From the cloud to… the discount bucket of the 90s internet. Foley enthusiasts might not be interested, but if you need a specific sound, or sound effect, you might find something interesting here – I’m not saying it’s going to be useable.

I first used FindSounds around 2000 and still pop in there from time to time. Free Sound is much of the same and also not without purpose.

Be sure to make sure that you are respecting licenses (and watch out for those lifted straight from paid-for packages), sometimes you just have to have the sound of a fish eagle.

Beats for Eva

Beats for Eva is a project run by a husband, Jason Owen, for his wife who has thyroid cancer. Jason owns a record label and this campaign is designed to raise money in exchange for loops and samples from artists, as well as presets and templates for your favourite software. Basically, just a whole bunch of tools for $10-$100+, American.

It’s a great cause and one worth thinking about if you’re looking for sounds.

Beats for Eva Owen

Last Minute Musicians

Have you ever heard the gaping hole in something you’re writing in the shape of an instrument you don’t play? Don’t settle for some VST, find a pro. LastMinuteMusicians is a directory of professional session musicians in almost any discipline you can think of, available for live performance or studio work.

The bad news for those outside Europe is that this particular site is focused in the UK, though many of it’s members are willing to travel. It’s not the only directory out there, merely one of the many that are handy if you’re looking to hire a musician (or are looking to make some extra money with your instrument).

Last Minute Musicians - sessions musicians and bands

Turning to social media

Whether starting from scratch or overcoming a specific stumbling block, YouTube and forums are a great help, and it’s no secret that Kickstarter has helped thousands of artists fund their productions.

With a little exploration you can find huge volumes of help beyond your regular online hangouts. Last week we discussed how musicians on Reddit can share ideas, solve problems and collaborate.

Look! From musicians Stephen Beasley and Matthew Price (who go by Beasley/Price), it’s a Pinterest board without any rainbow piglet cupcakes! Just awesome content curation, and a healthy list of music production tips and tricks. Thanks lads, good use of Pinterest.

That’s all the online music production tools we have time for today because you won’t finish your dinner otherwise. Subscribe to our newsletter for more.

Pinterest - Music Production Tools & Tricks

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