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Promoting Your Live Shows And Selling Gig Tickets


Promoting Your Live Shows And Selling Gig Tickets

Things have been running on all cylinders here at The Doughnut as we gear up towards major changes – and we’re aware that the frequency of music tutorials has been inconsistent.

So, for a break between behind-the-scenes deadlines, here are some ideas on how to make selling gig tickets and getting more punters to your shows a whole bunch easier…

Promoting A Show

  • First up: Create a profile for your band on Songkick to easily seed your gig listings.
  • Use your connections. Send a message to your mailing list, whether that’s your Facebook fans or a database of email addresses from Bandcamp
  • Identify your key fans, even if they’re friends, and ask them to share or retweet your gig posts (DISCLAIMER: mothers count as friends).
  • Build buzz around the promotion as well as the gig itself. For instance, why not hold a flyer design competition?
  • Engage with fans via Twitter in the days leading up to the gig (note “engage with” not “tweet at”). Take requests or get opinions on opening songs – and don’t forget to allocate a hashtag to make it recognisable.
  • Interact with the venue. Fans of the venue are already following them, so why not leverage that fanbase via public conversations with your hosts for the evening.
  • Guests lists aren’t just for groupies. Invite photographers and journalists to your gigs in order to convince people to come to the next show.
  • Create an easily editable image template to use as your Facebook cover or Twitter background which displays the details of the next gig.
  • Make a database of your local radio stations, newspapers, community notice boards – anywhere you can place an ad for your gigs.
  • If all else fails; get in the news! Break a record, turn your event into a campaign for a cause or go further to get media attention than anybody has ever been (hint: Space is the place).

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